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DBA Product Knowledge Training.

Selling skills are an important part of sales training, it's also crucial that your specialists and selling reps know and understand the products they are offering to customers. Educating your staff is the key to success.

Training 1

Acquired knowledge lets sales professionals create a unique bond with new and existing customers, answer most of the difficult questions about a product on the spot and ultimately build trust and confidence in customer relationships.

We recently visited one of our dealers in Poland and conducted the training for their crew.

Training 2

Training materials include three different disc brakes prepared to show the Kangaroo Paw, Thermographic Paint and Tri-Symmetrical Slots. Those are genuine disc brakes, not just a dummy model.

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We also bring a lot of useful materials for you to keep - catalogues and brochures just to name two.

Training 5

This time it was Rayo, let us know if you would be interested -