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High Carbon Alloyed Iron

Through extensive testing and feedback from performance drivers worldwide, DBA has developed a unique cast iron formula (XG-150). This formula, with it's increased thermal capacity properties, is designed to respond to the DBA TSP process allowing the rotor to handle constant extremes of heat over an extended period of time.


After 30 years of design and development with race teams around the world, Disc Brakes Australia developed a proprietary cast iron formulation ( XG-150 ) for use in all of it’s premium performance disc brake rotors. DBA’s grey iron is rich in carbon and alloyed to produce excellent thermal characteristics, which is a key factor in the production of the casting. This is combined with our patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation design.

With a supersaturated solution of carbon in an iron matrix, the excess carbon precipitates out in the form of graphite flakes. The structural distribution of these graphite flakes provide excellent thermal properties, increasing the thermal shock resistance. Also, when combined with DBA’s TSP process it allows the material to cope with rapid thermal cycling with core-heat levels reaching approximately 700oC and above. The DBA developed TSP™ process, stress relieves the cast iron during the manufacturing process.

Unlike any other cast irons, the XG-150 formulation was developed to respond to the TSP process resulting in a rotor that is ideal for heavy duty braking and suitable for motorsport applications.

Feature DescriptionAdvantage & Benefit
High Thermal ConductivityReduced brake fade with improved heat dissipation and consistent brake pedal feel
Thermal StabilityMinimises risk of brake shudder/judder