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DBA Brake Pads Overview

After four decades at the forefront of disc brake rotor manufacturing, DBA was determined to develop its very own range of high-quality performance brake pads. This new pad range is the result of an exhaustive research and development program, having put these pads through their paces on the street, off-road, at racetracks and dynamometer testing.

DBA’s range of direct replacement Performance brake pads have been designed from the ground up as the perfect match with DBA’s long established and trusted range of disc brake rotors, sharing the same level of quality, performance and safety as DBA’s industry leading disc brake rotors.

The new Performance range of DBA brake pads include options to suit all driving needs, from daily drivers to four-wheel drives and days out on the track in a performance or race car. DBA is proud to now offer a high quality, high performance pad and rotor combination to suit whatever your brake requirements may be.

DBA has aligned the Performance Pad colour coding with the THGP paint markings on its 4000 Series and 5000 Series rotors. When the paint colour of your rotors change this indicates that it’s time to move up a level on your performance brake pads to match the rotor paint markings.

To ensure you choose the perfect DBA brake rotor and performance pad combination, please refer to DBA’s Disc Rotor & Brake Pad Reference Guide , to assist in matching your driving style to the right disc rotor and pad for the job!

DBA Performance Pad Technology

DBA’s range of Performance brake pads have been designed at the forefront of technology and quality standards. DBA has utilised a range of cutting edge features including:

  1. Chamfer – Reduces noise, vibration and harshness*
  2. Slot – Facilitate temperature stability
  3. Premium Quality Shim – Dual layer elastomeric coated shim
  4. Scorching Process (TSP) – Raises cold friction effectiveness and reduces bedding-in time
  5. Backing Plate – G3131 steel – dimensionally stable and wear resistant
  6. Electronic Wear Sensor – OE replacement wear sensor**

Note: Brake Pad / Calliper Hardware included where applicable.

**Electronic wear sensors included where applicable

**Where applicable

All DBA Performance brake pads are scorched on the friction surface to improve the bedding in process and minimise the onset of green fade typically experienced with new pads. Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP), a process unique to DBA, increases cold friction effectiveness and reduces bedding-in time.

The Performance pads include chamfers where required to reduce unwanted noise, vibration and harshness under braking while the centre slot facilitates temperature stability. DBA’s brake pad backing plates are made from high quality steel that is resistant to wear.

DBA also uses high quality European made, triple layer shims to enhance the pad noise dampening characteristics (included in all products).

Of course, these pads are asbestos free with no other nasty materials while at the same time keeping dust to a minimum and are gentle on wheels, with no sticky goo to scrub off.

As with all DBA products, the Performance pad range is backed up with full technical support both online and in the field.

DBA Performance Brake pads are available from all DBA distributors, you can find your local reseller here.